LXP32 is a lightweight, open source and FPGA-friendly 32-bit CPU IP core
A soft processor core based on a simple, original instruction set designed for efficient FPGA implementation



Optimized for FPGA

Harvard architecture



Open source


The latest version of the LXP32 soft microprocessor, 1.1, was released on 2019-01-11.

The package includes:

The LXP32 instruction set architecture doesn't have a compiler backend yet, only assembly based workflow is supported. This makes LXP32 more useful in a small bare metal SoC running from on-chip RAM.


The LXP32 soft CPU core comes with a comprehensive and up-to-date manual which contains all the information needed to integrate the processor into your design and develop software for it:

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Clone the source code repository:

git clone https://github.com/lxp32/lxp32-cpu.git

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